Confetti buttons

A demo for confetti animations via clicking a native Carrd button. Now you can use this plugin to spray confetti for any button you have on your Carrd site.The confetti currently shows up in a random spot each time you click. The star confetti comes in a triple burst in the center of the page.

See the plugin in action on real websites made by customers of this plugin:Blocks Light - a coming soon template to launch a project
Blocks Dark - a coming soon template to launch a project

Made by @jasonleowsg using Javascript and Canvas Confetti.

πŸ“£ New Carrd plugin released: Mega nav bar


How to set up the confetti plugin on your Button element in your Carrd site:1 - In your Carrd site, create an Embed element above the Button you want to trigger with confetti. Set the Style of this Embed element to "Hidden, Body Top" under its Settings.2 - Go to the confetti template, copy the entire code snippet from the Embed element labelled "Confetti" (or "Pumpkin", "Cash", "Cash snow" - whichever confetti you like), and paste it in the new Embed element you created in your Carrd site.3 - Click on the Button you want confetti for, set the URL to "#", then go to the "On Click" settings, paste this code:console.log("clicked");
4 - Publish and done!